Community Nurse Service

Our Vision

To set the standard for continence care.

Our Mission

To provide timely and unique continence assessment for individuals to manage their problem effectively, economically and with dignity. To provide education and continence promotion to any level of healthcare and in the community.

Our Core Values

  • Respectful communication
  • Client centred and dignified care provision
  • Evidence based practices
About CNS community Nurse Service Australia

“We are here to help so that you can get back to daily life”

Meet The Team



Continence Nurse Specialist

Located Bundaberg, Childers & Gin Gin

Sandra is a qualified Registered Nurse. Sandra has achieved a Bachelor of Health (Child Health) and a Graduate Certificate (Continence). Sandra is currently enrolled in further studies at QUT. Sandra has been working in her field of expertise for 33 years. The past 20 years have been mostly involved with caring and assisting people with bowel and bladder problems.

0418 568 580



Continence Nurse Specialist

Located Hervey Bay & Maryborough

Della has been a Registered Nurse for 34 years and has a Post Graduate Continence qualification. Della has worked for many years in this specialist nursing role both employed as a community nurse and also in her own private practice as a Continence Nurse. Della brings a wealth of experience to Community Nurse Service.

0400 845 585



Clinical Nurse

Located Brisbane Northside

Catherine (also known as Cath) is a qualified Registered Nurse with many years experience working in the community. Cath has achieved a Bachelor of Health Science Nursing, Grad Certificate in Midwifery and has a special interest in Continence. Cath has worked as a community nurse in the past and she especially finds this work rewarding. 

0427 489 828



Clinical Nurse

Located Brisbane Northside

Ariana is a qualified Registered Nurse with many years of experience working in Residential Aged Care, Paediatric Surgery and in Community Nursing. Ariana has achieved a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Ariana and Cath work closely as they are located close by geographically. Ariana has a special interest in this specialist field of nursing and her previous experience adds great insight and depth to her understanding of each person’s unique situation.

0459 756 429



Administrative Assistant

QLD Based

Crystal is our very hardworking Administrative Assistant. Crystal completes all the ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that help to keep a service running. Crystal will be able to help in taking referrals or client intake information and takes care of accounts. Crystal will pass on any enquiries to the nurses as needed.

(07) 4126-2685

Home Visits

Home visits are available in Bundaberg area, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Brisbane (limited locations).

All nurses work PART-TIME so please make contact to see if a visit in your location is possible.


Services We Offer …

Continence Assessment

Each person has a unique life path which may to lead them to needing some help with continence issues. We will look at each part of your unique situation during the assessment process. You may be required to complete some diaries to help with this process.

Conservative Management Strategies

Once the assessment is complete, then a range of strategies aimed at improving your particular problem will be suggested.

Access to Government Schemes

One part of these strategies may include applying to Commonwealth and/or State Government schemes for financial help with continence supplies.

This will be dependent on your eligibility for the schemes.

Urinary Catheters

There are times in the treatment of some illnesses and diseases where it is the best medical choice for a urinary catheter to be inserted into the bladder. In this unavoidable situation where a catheter has been inserted either through the urethra (IDC) or through the abdomen (SPC), receiving timely and correct education about the care of the catheter will make this experience as positive as it can be.

This may be temporary or permanent.

Community Nurses are here to educate and assist you.

Education & Care

Community Nurse Services can provide you with current evidence based education and strategies to assist you in managing your bowel or bladder problems.

Access to Supplies

Help will also be given to help you access supplies for the care of your catheter or other incontinence supplies so that purchases of unnecessary equipment is avoided.

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