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All assessments require a referral form to be filled out.

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Where funding is available clients will have their invoice sent directly to their funding body.

Privately paying clients will be provided an invoice and payment can be made by Direct Bank transfer (preferred), cash at the visit or payment taken over the phone from a VISA card.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a range of FAQ’s please see below.

How do I access help by the nurses?

Referrals can be made in any way including phone, fax and email. Formal referral by a Doctor is only needed if the care will involve catheter care or if the person being referred is Veteran with a Gold (or in some case White) Card.

What happens after a referral is submitted?

The nurse who will be providing the care will contact the client to arrange an appointment at a suitable day and time. As all appointments are home visits, it is best to group visits to a locality wherever possible to reduce travel costs.

Is there any funding or rebates for the care provided by the nurses?

CNS PTY LTD is a Registered NDIS Provider, DVA provider and many brokerage arrangements are in place with Home Care Package Providers. Very limited numbers of Private Health Funds will provide a rebate for Community Nursing. BUPA Is one of these and all nurses have a BUPA Provider Number. When no funding applies, private fees are charged.

What do the nurses do in an assessment?

The nurses will take a detailed health history, discuss the continence issue to understand the problem, take vital signs, aim to identify the contributing factors for the issue and plan some conservative strategies to help manage the problem. The nurse will always work in collaboration with other health professionals involved in the client’s care. More than one visit may be needed.

What about NDIS reports and other applications to Government Schemes?

If needed, the nurses will complete a report for NDIS purposes or complete applications to the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) or Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS) where applicable. Supplies through the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) will be arranged if needed for Veterans. 

What is the wait time?

The wait time varies according to the location. First visits for most referrals are completed within three weeks. Clients with catheters may need to be seen sooner and this can be accommodated on a triage basis.

Do the nurses help with ordering continence supplies?

The nurses will complete an assessment which may include providing some samples of continence products to trial. Once the most suitable product has been located, the nurses are not involved with ongoing ordering/purchasing of supplies. This task needs to be completed by the client or someone else involved in the client care.

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